Our reversible Stroller Pads are great for every weather. One side is made from super soft minky, and the other side is made of excellent quality cotton fabric, so you can use it on the stroller all year long. Thanks to its filling, it gives an extra soft touch to the stroller. The Stroller pad will also help you maintain the stroller clean; it can be machine washed, and thanks to the fact that the filling is sewn internally, your Stroller pad will remain unharmed.

The Stroller pad has a belt hole system that consists of ten different slots, making it compatible with most strollers and car seats. It also has two strings that help the Stroller pad stay in place on the stroller.

Our Stroller Pads are hand-sewn by talented craftsmen, using best quality materials. They are packaged and shipped inside a cotton bag that carries our brand, making it a beautiful, original gift for every parent.

Composition: 100% cotton, minky polyester.

All the fabrics we use carry the OEKO-TEX certificate, which means that they are free from harmful substances.

Made in the European Union.

The product should be used under parental care.


Dimensions: 80cm x 30cm (aproximately 32 ‘ X 12’)