The Arm Pillow helps parents hold the baby in a more relaxing and pleasant way; it is also designed to make the breastfeeding process more comfortable.  

The Arm Pillow can be used both sides; one side is made of soft minky fabric, and the other side is made of excellent quality cotton fabric. It secures with an easy-to-use Velcro, which helps it stay in place. Thanks to the soft cotton filling, the baby’s head lies smoothly on the Pillow, while the parent is more relaxed to hold and caress the baby. The filling is sewed internally to stay permanently in place. The Arm Pillow is machine washable at 30.

Our arm pillows are hand-sewn by talented craftsmen, using best quality materials. They are packaged and shipped inside a cotton bag that carries our brand, making it a beautiful, original gift for every parent.

Composition: 100% cotton, minky polyester.

All the fabrics we use carry the OEKO-TEX certificate, which means that they are free from harmful substances.

Our arm pillows are made in the European Union.

The product is designed to be used by an adult.

*The shade of the prints on the material may change due to different production consignments.